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Welcome to our cyber training platform, where students and professionals can hone their hacking skills by solving specific challenges in Web, Crypto, Reverse, Pwn, OSINT, IOT, Forensics and many more.

Take part in CTF (Capture the flag) competitions sponsored and hosted by professionals.

Train yourself to solve real-world cyber security problems in both offensive and defensive sides (Red and Blue Teams).

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Hacking Challenges rankings

Solve challenges in Web, Crypto, Forensics, Network and many other categories.

Hacking Challenges rankings

Pwn Linux and Windows machines designed to be vulnerable.

CTF (Capture the flag) rankings

Play CTF games solo, Red Team or Blue Team and sharpen your hacking skills.

Hacking labs

Practice in realistic hacking labs and simulate advanced threats.

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Improve your hacking skills with our challenges, CTFs and Labs.

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Create and host your own hacking lab to train your collaborators.

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